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Some Downloads to help pass the time!

Just a small assortment of material on the server. Right click on the thumbnails and ''save target as'' to download the file to your computer and then watch at leisure.

Shooting, Bangs, Fun Videos and a News Report

Right click - and 'save target' - is this fast, or what! - Thus far I believe the guy's name is Larry - no last name yet and, it is said that his gun is an old SA that was owned by THE Roy Rogers. I assume therefore a .45LC. Here is a sub one second (0.88 to be precise) show of skill, shooting five targets with a single action!!! File 2.8Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - A comparison between a buddy fairly new to heavy recoil and myself, more used to it. Shooting the BFR, he lets the recoil come back up his arm and into his shoulders rather stiffly, the first shot. By comparison I almost exaggerate the rise of the gun in the next three shots, but let that be a part of recoil as against being stiff with it. File 1.2Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - Karl Rohrbaugh of Rohrbaugh Firearms, shows off the diminutive R9 and shoots it to give us a demonstration. File as WMV, 6.4Mb. Also available as a flash file of 10.2Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - This clip has been around a while but is a remarkable miniature full auto gun - seemingly modelled on something like a 1919, and shooting belted .17 ammo.! File 500k wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - This is Tannerite being enjoyed! A simple binary mix, both parts being totally inert to all intents - does when they are mixed respond by detonating when impacted by a high velocity bullet. Pistol calibers will not do - something in excess of 2,000 fps seems desirable. File 1.9Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - A favorite program composite clip from the Mythbusters series, where they give up on trying to clean out a concrete truck half full of set concrete - and instead fill it with about 800# of ANFO - and then set it off. Most satisfying! File 1.8Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - The military even when in the sand box it seems can have fun! It appears here that a worn out washing machine was in need of final destruction - to which end the insertion of a grenade proves to be, well - rather effective! File 825k wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - A humor and contrived clip but fun to watch. A loud ''Pop'' as a bottle top is removed, provokes a hilarious reaction. CCW in this case is plentiful! File 1.3Mb mpeg.
Right click - and 'save target' - Most media spin with carry and RKBA is negative, as well as frequently misinformed. Here though we have somethimg more positive and it is refreshing to watch, even though some small aspects might well be cricized in small ways. I'll take it - postive reporting is too rare. File 4.5Mb wmv.

Model Aircraft Videos

Right click - and 'save target' - Sold this Sopwith Pup a while ago now. Although a lovely plane it was as a 1/4 scale bipe' just too large to take around easily. It did however give much pleasurable flying and at scale speeds with low passes it was a delight to watch. It originated from a Balsa USA kit and was extremely light weight.

Great piece of history. File 6.3Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - This Ultra Sport 60, with a .75 motor was for a few years a favorite aerobat and gave immense pleasure. Sad to say one day, pilot error crept in and it wrecked! Flying inverted fairly low a decision was made to loop out, instead of roll another 180º or outside loop.

The ground was too close! File 13.5Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - This was fun! A new club member had bought a 'Stryker' - foam electric flying wing, but had crashed a few times. He asked me to fly it and that I did - it was very enjoyable and quite impressive in what it could do.

The grin on his face after I landed was worth seeing! File 4.9Mb wmv.
NEW ---   Hobby Lobby - recently started stocking an integrated very small video camera - FlyCamOne2 . Purchased one and, after first one turned out faulty - got a replacement.  This footage is about the first decent length result with new one - camera mounted under rear of wing on a 4 Star .60 (with .75 motor), forward looking - May 2008. For some reason the saved file on SD flash card missed the landing but - otherwise not a bad result. Lot of low passes. 13 Mb WMV file.
FlyCamOne2 again, this time Memorial Day weekend 2008.  Opted to try some views from higher and so flew all but too high to keep plane in sight!!  Once again some breeze plus visibility issues made it hard to keep the plane stable all the time.  After higher circuits, came down lower for some easier visibility.  This is Bedford County PA, same as previous - at an ultralight air field. 9 Mb WMV file.
Ryan STA Ryan STA ....... Great Planes 1/4 scale ARF model.  This is fitted with a Saeto 120 four cycle motor and has non-standard Robart spring loaded struts for landing gear - it used to have pants but they got bust - and at $75 to replace, well - not replaced!.  Nice flying plane - capable of reasonable manouvers which includes flying inverted!  Very nostalgic of an era.  This day was more windy than desirable but the plane behaved fairly well even so. Very compressed file - for some reason better resolution file loses sound! This is 2.6 Mb WMV file
Uproar .40 Bought as an ARF from Tower Hobbies .... this little plane is a blast - only 4' wing span.  It is .40 size but has a .46 magnum 2 cycle motor - giving it enough beans to get off real quick!  With "generous" throws on high rate the plane can roll real quick.  It is very light and so does not like wind too much. Despite very fat, almost symmetrical wing aerofoils, it even flies slow very well. Another case of higher resolution file seeming to lose sound so - very compressed - this is a mere 1.2 Mb WMV file.

Funny Videos

Right click - and 'save target' - OK - if you have an aversion to ''gas'' jokes then don't view this! Great bit of animation and for me - darned funny! File 4Mb wmv.
Right click - and 'save target' - Same warning - not into ''gas'' jokes then don't bother! Gotta say though - here is a husband who is all heart and generosity LOL. File 1.4Mb mpeg.
Right click - and 'save target' Some folks have bad days - others have REALLY bad days. Guess which category this falls into! File 1.2Mb wmv.

Humerous Sound Files


- This may be taken any way you want but - it's hilarious IMO. File 1.2Mb mp3.

- A nice spoof take on 'On Star'. File 220k mp3.
Voicemail - I think everyone has heard this, and I still have to believe it is genuine. I can't see anyone laughing like this guy does, to order! File 600k mp3.
"Johners" - English cricket commentator Brian Johnston was a much loved character and here gets the giggles after a funny unintentional innuendo by his commentating partner!. File 145k MP3.


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