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Interested in Protecting
Your Second Amendment Rights?

Go view or download
"2A Today for The USA"

Sometimes truth in humor!

♦♦♦  Remind Yourself About The 2A  ♦♦♦

The Second Amendment
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This amendment is the vital core of the Bill of Rights - the right to bear arms and to be able to defend the self. It is and has been under threat for a long time - now more than ever, and so viewing and wide distribution of the film "2A Today for The USA" is one way to help educate more people, and there are many who do not understand it well enough at all. Pass it on.

If you don't defend your rights, do not complain when you lose them!

The site is somewhat of a repository for various domains - feel free to explore some of the various sub-sites within. Below are the links to what we have right now, and other sites we build. Enjoy the games!
If contact required you can . Please, no spam.

ACB Systems/Alum Bank Web - This leads to sample pages to show our (ACB Systems) web design.
ACB Systems Gallery - Fractals, critters, flight, oopses .... go check out the pics.
"Image Matters" - A selection of pages aimed at explaining some details behind digital imaging.
The Mega Holster-Makers List - A list of links to web sites for over 150 (mainly) US holster makers.
Gobango - A gallery of firearms pictures, plus RKBA articles and interest.
RKBA-2A - A Links portal for second amendment information, plus a few articles.
Thistlebees - Renaissance style cloaks and other stylish items that can be custom made.
Plethorapix  - Devoted almost entirely to a stunning selection of 250 fractal images
John Hermann Museum - A fascinating small museum in Pittsburgh, PA - showing art by John Hermann.
Download time! - Some shooting, plus humor and model planes vid's - oh and sound also.
Fun Videos - Trying a new video display approach - four favorite fun vid's. Hope to add more.
Forum acronyms - Some acronyms which puzzle those new to forums on the web!
CSS - Made Easy - Interest in CSS? Need to learn more? This is a good place to start.

Just for fun - Some flash games!!

Balloon Hunter - You are the balloon hunter! Prime your bow and shoot the suckers down!
Never Ending Fall - Gravity always wins! But if the young lady gets stuck - free her for a further fall.
The Plumber - Find the route from faucet to overflow - and be fast and economical on moves.
Smash back - You have a paddle - hit the ball back at the tiles- every time using your mouse.
Catch 33 - 33 numbered tiles - intercept each in order with mouse cursor - fast as you can.
Bubble Shoot - This will frustrate you! Aim at same colored bubbles using mouse and shoot!
Mini Golf - A nice 18 hole fun ride! Try and beat par - but last two holes make this tricky!
Throw paper - Try and get the paper in the trash can - every time!
Clay Kittens - Sharpen your clay shooting skills - as the kittens get launched!
Penguine Arcade - Knock the lil' guys off to stop them jumping to freedom!
Bowling - latest addition, May 2009, - simple but fun, and quite effective and addictive too!
The Ball - Another addition for May 2009 - directions on the page - have some fun!

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